Our Programs

Gridiron provides unique programs that fill a unique need in the marketplace. We currently manage ten distinct product offerings. These products include some mono-line offerings as well as package products. Some products are available on a regional basis, while some are offered on a nationwide basis. Our products are highly focused and technology driven with 6 dedicated product portals which enable our customers to access our products in real-time.

We partner with some of the leading insurers in the marketplace on our programs. We provide stable capacity and a safe home for your insurance placements. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about one of our offerings.

Property (10M Max Limit)

Community Churches

Inland Marine - Admitted

Excess Liability

Primary, Buffer & Excess Flood

Gridiron Package Select

New York Contracting

This includes Property excluding wind/hail in coastal zones and excluding quake in western states. We have the ability to consider All Perils on inland (tier 3) risks.

Our appetite is commercial non-habitational risks. We employ a robust underwriting functionality for all accounts which include consideration of local building ordinances, location loss trends, risk mapping/modeling and portfolio impact analysis/aggregation. Our preferred approach is a lower cost basis with increased retentions.

Coverage is provided by an A.M. Best rated A (XV) Non-Admitted carrier. Coverage is available in 22 states.

We utilize various analytical tools as well as CAT modeling software. Disciplined in our approach, we offer capacity with metric driven performance. Gridiron has the ability to package including liability on select risks as well. Coverage is provided via an A (XV) rated Non-Admitted carrier.

Gridiron offers a combined facility for coin laundries and small community churches, separately.

Both products are package products with a tremendous amount of enhancements. Maximum property limit is $1,000,000 for each type of risk. Both risks present unique coverage problems and our coverage from is tailored to their specific needs. Coverage is provided via an A (XV) rated Non-Admitted carrier.

Gridiron Insurance Underwriters offers nationwide coverage for wide assortment of inland marine classes.

Our offerings include Contractors Equipment, Builder’s Risk, EDP, MTC, Medical Equipment, Warehousemen’s Legal Liability, Bailee’s, Communication Equipment and Miscellaneous Property Floaters Gridiron utilizes an admitted A+ (XV) carrier for this program. This program is also supported by an online E-Portal called, Inland Pro. Inland Pro allows our customers to access our inland marine program online for lower limit business.

Gridiron Insurance Underwriters provides Excess Liability capacity for over 400 different liability classifications.

We have the ability to attach over the GL, Liquor, Auto and Employers Liability. Our Excess Liability program is tailored to small businesses with less than $10,000,000 in gross receipts. This program is supported by our online portal known as, Easy Excess. Easy Excess allows users to access our program in real-time online. We have a broad appetite and low minimum premiums per million. This product is written on Non-Admitted A (XII) security.

Gridiron has begun offering a solution for private Non-NFIP flood in the states of California, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina & South Carolina. Our flood program is a private market alternative to the NFIP with very distinct benefits. It provides replacement cost coverage and business interruption/loss of use for qualified risks. We have capacity up to $20,000,000 any one risk and will look at accounts on a ground up, primary, buffer & excess basis. For risks $2,500,000 and less in values, we have an online portal as well called Flood on Demand that provides a fast turnaround for you and your clients. We are not a market for V zone business, severely negative elevated risks, risks on barrier islands and risks with previous flood losses. Contact us if you would like to know more about this cutting edge product!

Gridiron Package Select (GPS). GPS is a fully automated program platform that is designed for small commercial businesses. Coverage is available for both property and commercial general liability. GPS is a package only product that is eligible for over 350 Liability class codes. Property coverage includes additional broad enhancements such as Accounts Receivable, Valuable Papers, EDP, Employee Dishonesty and many more. GPS is able to quote, bind and issue in real-time with speed and efficiency through a dedicated product portal.

Coverage is offered by Interstate Fire & Casualty, an Allianz company and is available in 22 states. This product is written on Non-Admitted (A+XV) paper.

Gridiron provides coverage for select New York trade contractors. Our custom coverage form provides broad coverage with a sub-limit for injury to employee (action over). We provide both primary CGL and Excess Liability. Our target risk is trade contractors and G.C.’s with under $5,000,000 in gross receipts. Contact us for more information!